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What is psychological testing?
It provides you with comprehensive, valid, and objective information that helps with diagnosis, personality structure and functioning, addiction potential, and treatment.

Psychological assessments provide accurate data to assist in answering a variety of difficult questions such as an individual’s emotional state at that time in their life. It can also assess an individual’s coping ability, stressors, relationships, depression, and anxiety to name a few areas.

What are the advantages of Psychological Testing?
  • - It demonstrates an individual’s strengths and weaknesses
  • - It assesses for psychological disorders
  • - It demonstrates strengths and weaknesses in the work environment
  • - It evaluates an individual’s coping skills and defenses
  • - It measures traits and abilities that can lead to difficulties
  • - It looks at feelings and beliefs that can interfere in one’s life

Who administers a Psychological Tests?

A psychologist is the only mental health professional who has the training and educational background to administer psychological tests.

How is a psychologist different from other mental health practitioners?

Psychologists are "Doctors", but they are not medical doctors.

A psychologist has attained both a four-year college degree in Psychology, and has completed an additional 5 to 7 years of full-time graduate study resulting in a doctoral degree. Psychologists also complete a doctoral dissertation, which is an original research project contributing to the field of psychology.