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Dr.Soledad psychologist

therapy for kids

Real skills for kids
Children often need help dealing with stressors in their daily life. During the school, year kids experience stressors related to homework, test anxiety, bulling, peer pressure, and family issues.

Many kids may have a difficult time identifying and discussing their emotions related to family matters, peers, or school. As a psychologist, I have worked with many children dealing with these difficulties. Some situations become even more complex when major change or transitions impact a family or child. Some of these life changing events may pertain to divorce, a move, serious illness, or a trauma.

With me, kids have learned to identify and express what is happening internally for them. We engage in fun techniques where they learn to master their problems. Kids have developed problem-solving, social, and self-management skills that help them and their families cope with anxiety, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. I act as part of your child's support system as well as the families. I work closely with the family during the session as well as during the week. Parents update me during the week on their child's functioning.

I provide your kids with the important life skills that enhance their development and that generalize to all aspects of their life.