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We had expected the teen years to be a rocky time, but we were not prepared for the troubles our daughter experienced. Dr. Hammond helped her to open up to therapy, and to begin learning skills to manage her depression. Dr. Hammond also walked the fine line with keeping us updated on our daughter's progress while maintaining our daughter's trust, something that can be very difficult when the patient's emotions are fragile and perceptions are highly charged. We appreciate Dr. Hammond's work with our daughter to help bring balance to her life and highly recommend her.

- 16 year-old girl with depression, cutting, and emotion dysregulation

Our young son was going through a lot of stress on top of ADHD. He had to deal with a very difficult parental conflict, which was starting to negatively affect his personal outlook, and also had impulse control issues. We were referred to Dr. Hammond, who worked gently and carefully with him on a near weekly basis for several months. Due to his young age, much of this was in the form of play therapy and game playing, which our son enjoyed. She was able to win his trust and helped him open up and deal with both his feelings about the situation and start to learn how to better regulate himself and deal with impulsivity. He is more relaxed, happier, and less anxious than he had been, and overall has a healthy attitude towards life. Dr. Hammond worked carefully and skillfully in the face of a complex parenting situation and work with both parents to help our son. We're very happy and grateful to Dr. Hammond for all of her help.

- 6 year-old boy with ADHD, impulsivity, and divorce issues
When my 9 year old got diagnosed with OCD, I started my search for a therapist who would be genuinely interested in helping him. After personally interviewing over a dozen therapists, I found Dr. Hammond to be the most sincere and capable of assisting him. Over a period of 10 months, Dr. Hammond worked diligently with him and with her help his OCD symptoms had reduced dramatically. She uses very effective methods that are designed to tackle the root of the problem, and she is willing to push her patients to do better and constantly improve. At times my son wanted to give up because he felt she was very tough, however he knew that her methods were working, and he continued to persist. From a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the max on OCD scale, my son was an 8 or 9. With her help he has gone down to a 3 or 4. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who can help your child overcome his/her anxiety disorder."

- 9 year-old with anxiety and OCD

At the first week of school, our teenage son fell into severe anxiety. He could not sleep, eat, nor function in school work. He was hospitalized for 2.5 days. Through referral, we brought our son to see Dr. Hammond. Despite her fully booked schedule, she opened a spot to counsel our son on a weekly basis. For the next five months, she has helped our son to resolve some of his negative thoughts. These days our son is functioning well, more understanding and forgiving of himself and his environment. He lives his days with zest and perspective. He is exploring his lives, with a first taste of romantic love.

Our family is very grateful to Dr Hammond for her helps at our most trying times. I think the factor that enable our son's relative quick in his recovery: a) our son's determination, b) my wife's tender and wise love, c) Dr. Hammond's professional guidance.

- 16 year-old with anxiety, depression, and social difficulties